A complete teaching, learning and assessment Science solution that provides unparalleled data and the opportunity for continuous feedback, buying back time for more hands-on, inquiry based experiences in the classroom

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"I use Education Perfect to either introduce and frontload new information, or to reinforce concepts and content already taught. I think the assessment feature, allowing you to instantly assign work that was highlighted as a weakness from an assessment is an absolute winner! The analytics makes my job so much easier and I have more time to spend with students, helping them to problem solve. The 'gamification' aspect is a sure fire way to hook my students, especially the boys!"

- Bruce McNalty, SJI International High School, Singapore

EP Science offers a comprehensive and varied range of captivating, relevant and contextual resources that will inspire, engage and encourage your students to develop a love of learning in Science


Buy back time to engage students in the joy of science

Bring your lessons to life

EP Studio provides intuitive authoring tools to create engaging and effective lessons for your students.

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Accelerate learning growth

EP Assessment provides a range of assessment for learning tools to power measurable learning growth.

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Drive improved learning outcomes

EP Insights provides a deep understanding of learning progression at a student, class and cohort level.

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