Science: Investigate the Possibilities

A complete teaching, learning and assessment Science solution that provides unparalleled data and the opportunity for continuous feedback, buying back time for more hands-on, inquiry-based experiences in the classroom.

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EP Science offers a comprehensive and varied range of contextual resources that will inspire, engage and encourage your students.

Buy back time to engage students in the joy of science

Deep curriculum coverage

Automatic marking

Rich and flexible responses

Feedback workflows

Real world examples


Detailed insights for every students


Engagement and accuracy


Feedback workflows

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"An excellent tool to allow students to self-manage and self-pace their learning. I love the recommended lessons feature, that provides lesson suggestions to students based on the areas of their knowledge that require further development. Used for formative assessment, the data collection and analysis saves so much time that I can now spend on tailoring lessons to suit a wider range of learning needs!"

- Amy Markham, The Glennie School