Today we introduce you to the lovely, forever optimistic and compassionate, Georgia Woods! Georgia joined EP soon after completing her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Psychology degree and hit the ground running. Georgia has been a huge help in the Events Team and a perfect fit into the EP family.

“I found that a big part of being an EPeep was all about attitude and being a team player. I decided that joining a team of enthusiastic, positive, like-minded people was exactly the right step for me to take“

Meet Georgia

Hello! My name is Georgia, I joined  EP in August 2019 as part of the awesome Events Team. I was born and raised in Invercargill, making the big move up to Dunedin in 2015. I came up to Dunedin for uni, where I studied a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Psychology. I absolutely love my degree! It is something that I am so passionate about because I find it beyond interesting and I love that there is always something more to learn. 

When it comes to my spare time, there are two different versions of myself. One version is the Georgia that likes to get outdoors and go for a walk with a pretty view. The other Georgia loves to hang out with friends on the couch watching TV shows. It’s all about balance! I also have a creative side where I love making DIY home decor items, baking and cooking.

Why become an EPeep?

I became an EPeep when I was straight out of University and looking for work. After studying quite a content heavy course for 4 years I was looking for a change of pace and environment. When the opportunity to work at EP came up I was slightly hesitant as I wasn’t sure I was going to be what they were looking for. However, upon meeting a few EPeeps that I would be working with, I found that a big part of being an EPeep was all about attitude and being a team player. I decided that joining a team of enthusiastic, positive, like-minded people was exactly the right step for me to take! 

Currently working on

I am an Events Assistant, which means I help out with a wide range of tasks. I help out with event organisation and planning, office admin, keeping our social media up to date, helping to produce our EPWS certificates and badges, designing marketing content, updating the website and any miscellaneous jobs that might happen to come up.

I also work closely with Liv, our Training and Development Manager, to help her organise some of our larger professional development events such as our online EPIC Conferences.


If you’re an educator or school leader, I couldn’t recommend enough coming along to one of our online EPIC Conferences. Not only are they a good chance to learn more about EP and network with other educators, EPIC conferences count for 5 teacher-identified PD hours to go towards teacher registration. The day will consist of a series of different workshops so teachers can tailor their day to attend the workshops they’re interested in. We also have some amazing keynote speakers lined up to discuss a range of pedagogical ideas. 

Taking our EPICs online due to COVID-19 has been a new and exciting process for our team. We are finding so many interesting ways to adapt these events to bring them online while still maintaining the quality and benefits gained from in-person events.

I think EPICs (and our other PD events) are awesome initiatives and I’m so happy to be able to be working on them!

Favourite features

I love the Teachers’ Community! I love being able to see teacher’s sharing their success stories with each other. These are often really positive which is super rewarding to read.

I also love the ‘cheer’ feature. I think it’s such a cool, unique idea to be able to cheer on anyone, anytime. Struggling or not struggling, receiving an out-of-the-blue cheer can be really uplifting for the student and provide them with more motivation to keep going.

Most excited about

After spending 2 months working from home I’m really excited to get back to the office again! While working from home was a nice change and certainly a unique experience, our EPHQ is such an awesome environment to work from! I’m also looking forward to seeing how our lives (and the world) will change following COVID-19. Considering that we have already made so much progress in bringing our lives online in this short amount of time, it is going to be really interesting to see and experience how much further we can adapt. 

EP culture 

The culture we have at EP is so unique to any other workplace I have experienced. I think what makes our culture so great is that we have such a heavy focus on staff wellbeing. This is something that I think in the past, companies have put on the back burner. These days it is widely accepted that to have a successful business, you have to have staff that are happy, enthusiastic and taken care of. Having a background in psychology really helps me to understand the importance of positive wellbeing and its relation to productivity. This can be hard to come across in many workplaces, so I feel really lucky to have found EP!

Three things EP

If someone has never heard of EP I usually tell them ‘It’s an awesome online learning platform’ or, ‘It’s the future of school!’ – before adding in a cheeky plug of our Instagram (@epforlearning, by the way). 

Secret talent

Most people don’t know that I spent 6 years of my life completely committed to the sport of synchronised swimming, while also going to school. The reaction I get when I tell people this is usually a giggle, which I definitely understand and I don’t blame them! However, the way it is portrayed in films etc. is not an accurate representation of what it is really like. Many people don’t know that it actually requires a lot of training and hard work. We would always tell people – imagine running a race for 5 minutes while holding your breath!

I got to experience so many cool things during this time – in 2010 I was lucky enough to be a part of a team which represented NZ at the Oceania Swimming Champs. This process involved spending many hours at the pool training, many barbeque fundraisers, while also juggling school and other commitments. That all paid off though, my team managed to place first which was such an amazing feeling. Synchronised swimming isn’t a popular sport in NZ, making it all the more difficult to commit to. I decided to give it up a few years later, when I realised that to really make it in the sport it would mean I’d basically have to make it my full time job. I had to decide between sports and school and evidently I chose school, but I still love swimming and always will!

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Thanks Georgia, we love having you as part of the team. We are very excited for all the upcoming online EP events!