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    Student Voices Writing Competition


    ‘The reality of education during a fatal pandemic’
    by Charlotte Wells

    “Late mornings, late nights. Bright screens showing unfavourable concepts. Low motivation levels barely pushing you through the day. This is the reality of education through a fatal pandemic.”

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    ‘Despite numerous lockdowns, school at a distance hasn't been so bad’
    by Madison Taylor

    “My learning experience was—for both lockdowns—extremely positive. Like many of my peers, I’m pretty self-conscious. I’m nervous asking questions in class, especially with all my classmates watching.

    But lockdown did wonders for my confidence.”

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    ‘The education system needs a reality check’
    by Ricky Sarup

    “The education department needs to add a style of teaching where students are able to experience how a real job in a field would actually be, instead of the best-case scenario.”

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    ‘The free trial no-one asked for’
    by Keelan Heesterman

    “It’s not that we didn’t already understand that once we hit adulthood self-management would become imperative, it’s just that we weren’t expecting a free trial of ‘real-life’ so soon.”

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    ‘Automation Education: The future is in the hands of machines’
    by Isabella Ciccone

    “Even when robots themselves replace classroom teachers, even when desks fly and lockers are controlled by biometrics, there will still be a demand for more. This is where the crossover occurs. Schools feed the genius minds that power this society, this never-ending economy of desire and need, using the products of past innovators and geniuses in order to create more.”

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    Notable Mention

    ‘The Role of Technology in Education’
    by Soneera Sunde

    “As technology is improving, we must change accordingly to have it sustained and to implement it into our lifestyles as well as changing the technology itself to suit our needs.”

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