An engaging and customisable Humanities teaching and learning solution which promotes student knowledge acquisition, essential skills development and critical thinking, while buying back precious time for the Humanities classroom

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"With the onset of online learning I was stressed as to how we could not only teach the kids but track their progress. I teach Year 8 and Year 10 Geo and the resources were just amazing. I love the real time tracking of students and if anything i feel. my kids were better served during this time than when we are face to face! With this in mind I integrated EP into all my programs. I love the targeted remedial work, its a real time saver."

- Brett Ferguson, The Illawarra Grammar School

EP Humanities provides an extensive range of engaging curriculum-aligned content across History, Geography, Economics & Business, and Civics & Citizenship


Curriculum coverage and skill development

Bring your lessons to life

EP Studio provides intuitive authoring tools to create engaging and effective lessons for your students.

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Accelerate learning growth

EP Assessment provides a range of assessment for learning tools to power measurable learning growth.

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Drive improved learning outcomes

EP Insights provides a deep understanding of learning progression at a student, class and cohort level.

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