A full course for learners at the beginning of their EAL journey including a focus on all key skills. More advanced level learners can choose from a comprehensive bank of automatically marked grammar, punctuation and spelling lessons

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"Education Perfect has incorporated interactivity into my classroom. Students are enjoying being able to work at their own pace in engaging activities and content delivered in the classroom is enforced. The provision of instant feedback has enabled students to focus on areas for improvement more effectively. Very useful program!!"

- Krystie Gould from Casino High School, NSW

Engaging units of work focusing on listening, reading, writing, speaking


Scaffolded lessons allowing for seamless differentiation

Bring your lessons to life

EP Studio provides intuitive authoring tools to create engaging and effective lessons for your students.

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Accelerate learning growth

EP Assessment provides a range of assessment for learning tools to power measurable learning growth.

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Drive improved learning outcomes

EP Insights provides a deep understanding of learning progression at a student, class and cohort level.

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